Lonetree – Straight Up….

Lace Wrap Group 2

We are completely in love with our brand new collections LACE and STRAIGHT UP. It all started with us admiring how pretty leaves were when you overlapped them! We took that thought and have evolved  from it a series of overlapped natural patterns that are beautiful! Using a simple heritage palette each card in the LACE range has been overlaid with a simple gold motif and Ta da….

Lace Group

LACE103P Hello It's MeLACE105P Happy BirthdayLACE106P Thank YouLACE101P New Arrival BoyLACE102P New Arrival Girl

We then came up with the idea of STRAIGHT UP and that it would be just that, effortlessly simple and straight to the point; milky cream matt paper and simple gold foil motifs, with a cool grey envelope to accompany each card.

Straight Up GroupSU102 Hello Its MeSU103 Mr & MrsSU104 Happy Birthday

The final touch was to add three Wraps to complement the collections…….

WRAP123 Green WrappedWRAP124 Grey WrappedWRAP122 Blue WrappedThey have just arrived in from the printer and we can’t wait to send samples out to all our favourite stockists. They are already available to buy online and if you’d like to see some samples please get in touch through our website www.lonetree.co.uk.

Right I’m off to ‘stroke’ some gold foil!!!

Bye. x



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