Throwback circa 1983

circa. 1982

The picture above is one of Emma and I enjoying a somewhat chilly looking picnic with our Mum and although neither of us have any memory of that day it is full of sentimental reminders of our childhood and all the lovely (most likely mundane) things that we must have done with our Mum. When Emma dug out this photo we both immediately started scouring the picture for morsels of “memory lane” indulgence! Conversations about what must have been in the sandwiches, both the good options (sandwich spread) and the bad (some sort of tinned meat monstrosity)! Immediate hilarity over the state of the car – both super shiny and incredibly retro looking. And most importantly it reminded us how lovely our Mum is and I know for a fact we both gave her a phone that evening for a “chat”!


S & E

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