Lonetree – Straight Up….

We are completely in love with our brand new collections LACE and STRAIGHT UP. It all started with us admiring how pretty leaves were when you overlapped them! We took that thought and have evolved  from it a series of overlapped natural patterns that are beautiful! Using a simple heritage palette each card in the LACE… Continue reading Lonetree – Straight Up….

Local love

As many of you may know Emma and I live "out in the sticks" and if you need or want anything form the shops then you head to Malton. It is a very pretty quintessential market town that we shopped in as children, worked in during our school holidays,  sent sheep to market from (we… Continue reading Local love


Lonetree has, since its inception, been very much a "family affair"! We are a sister  team - Emma, the Creative and eldest, and Sara, the youngest and the bossiest! However we rarely mention the other critical members - our harshest critics and our staunchest supporters - our family! We have a very busy but seriously exciting Summer… Continue reading Us…

Throwback circa 1983

The picture above is one of Emma and I enjoying a somewhat chilly looking picnic with our Mum and although neither of us have any memory of that day it is full of sentimental reminders of our childhood and all the lovely (most likely mundane) things that we must have done with our Mum. When… Continue reading Throwback circa 1983